Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stroupe Is Still Hurt?

What the hell is up with Austin Stroupe? Does everyone really buy it that his shoulder is so fucked up that he can't race? The kid posted decently fast lap times in practice, so he's obviously able to ride. And it's not like he just started riding yesterday, or else Valli wouldn't have even bothered sending him out to practice. It all smells a bit like conspiracy to me. The only rational explanation here is that Stroupe got tied in with the AMAfia and some kind of deal went sour with them. They've got his family tied up in that big inflatable Monster can in the pits, or something.

Seriously though, what's the deal here? There are a lot of pretty sketchy rumors about Stroupe (sniff sniff), and shit like this just gives them more and more ground to stand on. Just the messenger here folks, take it up with the gossip columnist. Oh wait, I kind of am that guy. Neat. Ok, then send those complaints on over. Or don't, it'll just be the one reply: Get fucked.

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