Monday, January 10, 2011

Jimmy Decotis Is On GEICO. When Do I Get My Pit Shirt?

Jimmy, I hope that everyday you start playing that Kevin Rudolf song "I Made It", because that's what you did. This secret was especially poorly kept in the New England crowd, but has since been made official and I can talk about it. Not that I care about stuff being official before I talk about it, but it's more out of respect to Jim D. As some of you know, I am a New Englander, born and raised. Here's the thing about N.E. - We're kind of landlocked when it comes to motocross. Other than one National, the motocross world really doesn't ever mesh with New England. We're like those island militias in WWII that thought the war was going on like ten years after it ended, people don't give us much attention. But there is one universal truth for us: New Englanders support New Englanders. I can tell you for a fact that every old guy that's ever been to an NESC race thinks he had a hand at raising Jimmy D. And all of us who ever raced with him feel like we were a part of his development as a motorcycle rider, even though the closest I ever came to Jimmy was taking the white flag about three seconds before he took the checkered flag, I'm pretty sure. So needless to say, Jimmy D getting a shot on a factory bike feels to me like I'm going to be under that GEICO awning signing girls' cleavage and getting photo ops with celebrities.

But seriously, this shit is great. There is justice in the world. It sucks for Hahn, but everybody can't win all the time. Jimmy deserves a ride after the Supercross season he had last year, and now I feel like I can put my faith in the universe again. It was really fucking around with me for a while there.

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