Friday, January 21, 2011

L.A. Fantasy Breakdown: 250 Class

What are the MotoXDream guys doing to us? Now they are dangling these +9 handicaps in front of my face, like a stranger shows a little kid candy from his van, just to coax him into making a very painful mistake. I am not going to be raped fooled. I made the mistake last week with my 450 team to choose a rider that I knew was a long shot, and he delivered a nice, hearty goose egg. I'm still going to play the HOT rider rule as well as I can, but as has been my policy in the past, it's all going to be calculated risk. I'm giving the first spot to Roczen. You may be thinking it's a stupid call, but I think he's due for a good ride. Roger was definitely giving him the business all week, telling him to calm his shit, as was Eazy. So I'm just going out on a limb (but a sturdy limb) and saying that he's going to chill this week and land in the top 10. He is double points, after all. The next HOT rider for the team is Christian Craig. Another choice that may seem like something of a reach, sure, but Craig is fast. He's just getting his supercross legs right now, and at a +5, I am pretty confident that he'll be able to deliver those dub-points, so he's in. That's about it for HOT riders that I feel comfortable putting the BROtocross name behind. We've got +9 riders up the ass, but that could bite you, and hard, and I will not be seduced by the prospect of mega points. They're junk bond riders, all day. So now it's just time to hedge my risk on those two with my man Hansen. Two wins, confidence for miles, Hanny cannot go wrong right now. Even if he's top 3, I'm cool with it, and I would bet my left nut that he will be. The final spot on the squad is going to another returnee from week 1, Rattray. He's got that nice little +2 handicap, and once again this is more of a bet on Mitch than anything else. So that's the team, not much else to say other than I win again. Oh wait, that will be on Sunday morning.

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  1. You're dumb. Craig is a +2 and Roczen isn't calming down anytime soon. Thats always been his style, even in Europe. Plus he fucked his whole shit up last race, kid ain't gonna be on par. Learn yaself somethin Eazy.