Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roczen Is Going Down Like His Countrymen's Zeppelins

I'm in Vermont for the Winter Dew Tour this week at Killington, and suffice it to say that the internet exists about as solidly out here as civil rights do for minorities in the south. So the posts may be scarce for the next few days.

But let's get down to business. Ken Roczen is delivering about as much as any 16 year old does when he's thrown into the Octagon. He's really supporting the AMA's now repealed decision to make the minimum age for the pros 18. Clearly, Roczen has the speed, but he has turned into a veritable IED on the track out there, as it's become unsafe to even ride near the kid. Roczen seems like a pretty cool guy, he actually acts like a person off the track, you know? But, the spectacular wrecks that he's been having on a regular basis are a cause for concern. He's like Pastrana was in his first supercross. He keeps the refs with one hand on the yellow and one hand on the black. Roczen certainly ruined Phoenix for Cunningham (who was on my goddamn fantasy team, BRO!) and nearly took Tomac down with him in their heat race when he cased the triple then subsequently shot to the left in what I'm assuming was a hasty decision to get off the track. Dude just needs to calm down. He rides like he has something to prove, which is retarded because he's only 16, who gives a fuck if he has a shitty season? The guy passed Canard at MXdN, he clearly is a good rider. Ken, if people give you shit, just tell them to "Shut ze fuk up" and whack them with a schnitzel or something. Except for me. That doesn't sound pleasant. Maybe it's just the KTM that's fucking him up, the historical evidence certainly exists to support that theory.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing. He's riding down the Pastrana highway of injuries.