Friday, January 7, 2011

Twitch and Mulisha Are No More. Are They Bankrupt Yet? No? Balls.

From Transworld - After weeks of speculation and rumors, nine-time X Games Medalist and 2010 LOORRS Super Lite Champion Jeremy Twitch Stenberg announced today that his 11-year relationship with the Metal Mulisha has come to an end. Full Story Here.

Twitch has officially left the Mulisha, so that pretty much negates whatever relevance they were clinging on to in this world. Who's left over there? I know Josh Grant technically rides for them, but let's not kid ourselves, he isn't MULISHA Mulisha. Only freestylers can earn that acclaim. Listen, it may seem like I hate freestyle, and that's probably because I generally do, but there are definitely a few guys in the game that I have a lot of respect for, and Twitch is one of them. If you've seen the guy on the track, he can actually handle himself pretty well. If you can ride a track at a decent clip for more than two laps, respect, straight from Eazy. Worth more than gold, bitches.

I'd say the worst thing about the Metal Mulisha is that it has directly contributed to the stupidity of kids that ride motorcycles. I don't think they meant to, but the number of young dumbfucks that cannot spell the word "militia" in this sport is enough to make Webster shit into a cup and then consume it so he can then proceed to throw it up. It's kind of like Vurb. I swear on my life that I've written the word "verb" with a "u" on more than one occasion thanks to them. I just look at the screen or the paper and immediately the shred of intelligence in my head just says "Yeah, you ARE an idiot. I'm leaving". And then I feel sad... Of course, there's a very good chance that the homeschoolers would think that's how the word is spelled anyway. They just need to make sure they get the spell check working on the sponcer resumes.


  1. Deegan "Twitch Bro, you know we are tight Bro and we'll always have each other's backs Bro. The thing is, it just aint working out with you in The Mulisha."

    Twitch "Deegs what do you (head twitch) Bro? I know you are the truest OG and stuff and I have mad respect for that, but how am I not Mulish material?

    Deegan "Bro we have decided to take this shit in a whole new direction. I have a new business plan Bro. Hart and Huntington has pretty much captured the Bro MX market. Our money comes from selling our image bro, you know this, and lately those kids that are into the mx scene all went to H&H because they are more true to the sport. We have a sick ass appeal to the standard redneck suburb bros who wanna be hardcore and feel like they are in a gang. Anyways, my accountant told me to drop the bikes and just spend that money on a dope as shit lifted truck that we can put a wrap on and drive through Riverside starting fights and trying to run over animals. Plus we'll probably start some legit gang activities. We need someone to go to prison soon too. That way we can gain some instant cred"

    Twitch "Bro Im seriously not stoked right now. Im going to have a hard time. I just want to ride my dirt bike over big ramps and throw sick nasty tricks for the bros that come to watch. Can you atleast pay to have my MM tats covered/removed?"

    Deegan "No."

  2. i swerved into oncoming traffic yesterday when i saw a banana peel in my lane.
    Thanks Mario kart.

  3. wow you guys are fucking fagets, do any of you even ride dirt bikes?? cuz you shouldnt be critising when ur still riding 80s