Thursday, February 10, 2011

Revolutionary Cross-Training: Cycling Gymnastics

So I totally stole this from another blog, but I'm not going to tell you which one...

Truth is I see videos like this all the time and I so badly want to blog about them, but usually can't tie anything in with motocross. But I feel like enough people train and cycle in MX that this can be considered relevant material. Like, I see this coming soon to America. How many people say that they want to train, but just can't handle how boring it is? Um, problem solved. Cycling Gymnastics presents a full-body strength and cardio workout that you won't even realize you're getting because you'll be having the time of your sad, pathetic life. Those whacky Koreans always think of everything good. I mean, North Korea is ruled by a man with one of the largest collections of porn in existence. They are just on a completely different wavelength, always thinking outside the box. I swear to you that I'm ready to give this a shot right now, although I'd have to do it at a gym. That might frighten people who aren't in touch with the Now, man.

Breaking down this guy's routine, I think it looked pretty solid. Nothing especially fancy, but a nice tempo really kept me riveted throughout the whole set. I believe that there may have been a stumble around the 1:11 mark, but he recovered so gracefully that it may very well have been part of the show. I am hard-pressed to say that anything could beat the foot work toward the end, although the head work when he was on the bike was magical. I feel like he just morphed into the cycle for that instance and was literally unaware of what he was doing, just fully running on adrenaline. My only real complaint about this is that we don't get to see the end. I feel like he had an amazing dismount, with streamers and explosions, the works.


  1. aerobics on bicycles is a thing of beauty..

  2. Shit! No wonder he's the champ! The guy has got it all. Style, grace, flash, flair... Poetry in motion. Bravo!

  3. Nope... Shitty run, when he is doing the whole cancan side saddle thing he only does it to the left side of the bike, his run lacks symmetry he is not hired.