Friday, February 18, 2011

Houston BROment of the Week: Second Runner-up

OK, so Friday is here and it's time to get really selective. As I said earlier in the week, Houston was loaded to the nines with BROments, so let me digress a little into my explanation as to what truly exemplifies the quintessential BROment; a simple way to think of a BROment is an instance in time where the words "Are you serious, BRO?" are spoken. So when more people simultaneously express such a sentiment, it accentuates the BROment through the volume of the BROllective, and thus creates a larger, more powerful BROment. Now, there are several people that we need to take into account when measuring the amplitude of a BROment: first, obviously, the riders. More riders involved, more power to the BROment. Second, the team. Those little headsets start going off, it's sending a sea of "Are you serious, BRO" throughout the stratosphere. So more riders involved, more team members involved. But you cannot forget the size of the rider's entourage, often those guys on the team. James Stewart crashing is going to make a lot more noise than some nobody privateer crashing. Finally, the biggest factor in a BROment, the audience. There are a hell of a lot more people watching a race in the stands or the couches than from down on the track. It's like a viral video, sometimes certain circumstances will explode with BROmentum in the masses; one person sees it and exclaims "Are you serious, BRO", the person next to them feels compelled to do the same. Sheep in the herd, minions. So now you all are a touch closer to my level of BROtitude, and I can safely present the second runner up for Houston's BROment of the Week: Ryan Sipes and Blake Wharton's epic two-laps-to-go hero BROment.

This really was great. Any other week, top spot material, for sure. It was a contender in this week, but in the end there were two stronger contenders. Had it only come down to the riders and teams, this would have won. There was definitely a sea of BRO flying through the infield, back and forth. Two prominent teams with riders looking at a potential podium position at the opening round? Tensions are certainly running high, and the closer you get to the checkers, the higher those tensions. Then Sipes sends it into the turn while Wharton sends it out of the turn and these two have a BROment on their hands. In fact, as far as pure humor goes, this is number one for Houston. Because it's not even like Sipes did anything especially wrong right here. That door was wide open, for sure. Wharton just comes out of the turn with the afterburners glowing and there was no chance that he was not going to hit Sipes like a fucking freight train. Not really anyone's fault, I honestly think it was a solid thought before the fact on Sipes' part. Both kids are going for it, good stuff all around. So congrats on your Bronze medal, BROmies.

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