Monday, February 21, 2011

An LOL From San Diego

Yeah, Villopoto had a great ride at San Diego, but you could win the race by a fucking minute on a bike like this and it would still be funny. I definitely laughed when the camera went to him after it happened. Makes him look like Larry Linkogle or some other washed up freestyle BROtard. It couldn't have happened in a more perfect way. Front number plate, back fender, gonzo. It's always funny. How did it feel for the thirteen guys that he passed? Get passed by a dude with no number plate or fender; Quit. And when I say quit, I don't mean riding, I mean kill yourself. That's the generally accepted course of action. Doesn't matter who it is. Sorry, bros. I'm surprised no one tried to take him out. Name only goes so far, BRO. When you ride a bike that looks like something used in the movie Hot Rod, I'm taking you the fuck out. Yeah, I said it. I don't care if it's Villopoto and he happened to crash; it's happening.


  1. your going to take someone out because they crashed and their number plate fell off? makes sense.

  2. You're going to post and be butthurt and not bother to use spell check? Makes sense.

    And it really was hilarious, but not quite as good as the guy who's seat fell off BEFORE he crashed. Like you said last week, we do want to see the LCQ, it may be the BROlight of the night.