Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BROlice Update: Item #1 - Mack Attack's Truck

Slow down, bitch. You're only helping Stewart's case here. I'm no scientologist, but if they passed the off-duties before they stopped, doesn't that mean they weren't trying to pull them over? Of course, that truck is some serious shit, so those motherfuckers should be pulling over for it without the lights. And then the cops call 911 like a bunch of mark-ass bitches. It's their job? Please, a black man can't be driving a murdered-out police truck that's raised to Paul Bunyon levels? Not in Orlando apparently. Guarantee Bubba's World gets blown the fuck up now.


  1. IF that truck goes to auction I got first bid.

  2. Haha funny as fuck NWA rules. This is all comedy gold I reckon you should send James a thankyou note for this shit eazy.