Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday: BROto Salute To The Live To Ride Crew

As some of you may know, I'm down in FL on vaca for the next week. Turns out that they actually have internet in Florida, so I'll still be manning the controls from my remote beach location, but it will likely be a little light. I decided that now would be a perfect time to make a post without actually having to do anything, and re-post the very first Salute that I did here at BROtocross. I actually saw another guilty joe write something about this today, and obviously it steamed my chaps. This was the original , so most of you slackers probably haven't even read it. Um, lazy much?

I'm going to start this blog off by exclaiming my unrelenting disdain for people who use terms like "I live to ride" or "Motocross is my life" or anything of the sort. It is often seen on this interweb thing, whether it be Facebook, Youtube, or even a personal website. I see garbage like this and immediately think "Seriously, chief? You live to ride?" Come on, even a pro rider has more going on in his life than motocross, and often welcomes the opportunity to go out and get wild every once in a while rather than get to sleep early for a race the next day. Listen, we all love to ride, but no one fucking lives to ride. And if you do live to ride, take a day off and go talk to some girls or something, guy, because you are really missing out on a lot.

The icing on the hate cake for me is that most of these clowns - that constantly love to remind everyone about how much they can't live without racing - are lining up every weekend for a C class moto, and are not looking good to get out of it. When the gate drops, these homBRos pop the clutch then slam the brake so hard that they literally toss that front end up to twelve o'clock and back down faster than you can say "Oh my god, what a joey". And yet, motocross is their life. Their facebooks and twitters are littered with posts announcing to the world every time they are training or riding, getting ready for the next battle. Let me take this opportunity to ask this crowd something: Do you seriously train hard? Like, I honestly am interested in the training regiment for these pro MTF-attending C riders (some of them do in fact attend MTF regularly, even more amazing). Let me know, Live to Ride crew, let me know. Now let me end this by dropping a little knowledge on you: If you suck at motocross (and let's be real, you do) and motocross is life, then you suck at life. Sorry, chief.

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