Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Should Reed Have Won In Jacksonville?

To the inexperienced viewer, Canard's pass back on Chad Reed with two laps to go might have seemed semi-insignificant. Just a guy coming back on another rider, right? Happens more often than some BRO hunting for a Monster girl's number (and epically failing). But Eazy is here to tell you that Canard won the shit out of the race with that move. It was over after that turn; break out the checkers and pop the champagne. It was far and away the heaviest breaking point of the moto. Chad had momentum up the ass leading up to it, and Canard handled his little coup with a pass back that notably stopped Chad like a crackhead discovering a shiny object under a car. He informed him, "I'm winning this race, BRO." You could practically smell the momentum shift afterward, and Chad settled for second while Trey took Factory Ginger, I mean Honda, to the winner's circle.

But, did you see the quad Millsaps had in his pocket? It was fucking huge. I would never have pegged Davi "Training Facility" (or DTF, zing!) Millsaps to be the guy to do it, but he was. I'm still amazed that no one else sent it. That could have been exactly what Chad needed. He was going triple-triple instead of on-on-off, which looked slower. But triple-quad made for a good second a lap. Millsaps was looking nice and living eaZy over it, so I don't know what's up with the lack of stones on the rest of these riders. Reedy is supposedly playing it smart this season, and most would agree that he's doing well with it. But, for what it's worth, there is a fine line between smart riding and failing to jump sections that could win you the race. Chad would have jumped that a couple of years ago, and quite possibly could have won that race as a result.


  1. spot on post. trey killed it, stealth style. reed aint gonna mess with that cat again. he's proved a few times this season he can handle the pressure. definately got some more wins in him.

  2. I am not so sure reeds bike would allow him to do the quad. His suspension seemed to be a bit mushy in that section.......I was waiting for him to hit it.