Monday, April 18, 2011

Is This The Ugliest Bike Ever Made?

Presenting the 2011 Husqvarna TC449. You know, that title may have been a bit too hastily written. I mean, there have certainly been some ugly bikes throughout the history of MX, and I really think that you have to have been an observer during the time the bike came out to make an accurate gauge on the ugly factor. Having said that, this bike is some ugly shit. Husky definitely always tries to be "that company" that's going to come up with the hot new concepts, and thus far they have sufficiently failed. They really swung for the fences with this design, and fuck if it's not a raging pop-up to left-center. That paper plate up front looks like it's been folded up and thrown in the trash a few too many times. And then we've got that back fender that looks like the bike is designed to run as a hybrid motorcycle-submarine. That is a rudder or a fin or gills or something, BRO. Oh, and the no side panels concept? KTM already went for that and realized what a failure it was, boys. Get your shit together. I don't like making fun of the small companies, but what the fuck am I supposed to do when they dish out product like this? I just know for sure, no question, if this bike had parents, they would hate their fucking life. Just an ugly, soulless, albino ginger of a bike if I've ever seen one.


  1. It's a German dude wearing an Italian shirt.

  2. It looks as if the Boss' kid drew it on paper and he thought it'd be a novel idea if he made the toddlers abomination into reality - epic fail!