Monday, April 18, 2011

Do I Smell A Winning Streak In Stewie's Future?

Never thought I'd say that 3 races in a row would be a big accomplishment for the Mack Attack. 24 motos in a row, BRO. You won 24 in a row in '08. Now we're crying after a single win. Ok, that was unnecessary. I'm not here to choke fun. Poke fun, I meant poke fun.

Seriously though, I have nothing especially against James. I may like a couple of others in the top 5 a little better, but James is cool with me. Like it or not, he's a major ambassador to this sport now. I'm pretty sure his show is one of Fuel's biggest. So when his show gets bigger, MX gets bigger. Word up. So if his success directly corresponds to success for the sport in general, I'm down. Here's to you, Bubbsy. Just don't fuck it up for the whole damn sport. No pressure, though.

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