Thursday, April 7, 2011

Modern Day Happy Gilmore Is A Motocross Rider

Ok, multiple reasons for posting this. First of all, what most of you don't know is that I'm a big golfer. I go ape shit for golf. I saw a story about this Rickie Fowler dude this morning on Yahoo, and liked what he was bringing to the table; new school style to piss off the ancient guard that rules the game. Just read the first paragraph of that article and you'll be glad the world isn't like those people. They are so afraid to stray from the herd in that sport, it's fucking ridiculous. I immediately said to myself that this kid's bringing the BROtocross style to the game, and I even Twatted this morning that I thought he was the man. Of course, this was all before I knew that he was a motocross rider. Wild, BRO, fucking wild. Apparently he had some game, too. It's a shame. Actually, he chose the right career path. Kid pulled a cool 500K last year. Yes, please.

Now, the commercial: Not a fan. I hate black bikes more than George Bush allegedly hates black people, but I kind of get it that they're not trying to infringe on any brand color trademarks. Not that it's acceptable, but you can't blame a brand like Puma for that. As John Goodman would you say, "You are out of your fucking element."


  1. I think he's friends with McGrath.. not 100% sure though..

  2. hah i read the same thing on yahoo this morning, im actually impressed that golfers have personalities.