Thursday, April 7, 2011

BROto Salute To Epstein Barr Awesome, I Mean, Virus

With the outdoors right around the corner, I felt compelled to give a BROto Salute to every racer's favorite chronic fatigue syndrome, EBV. If you're an ignant-ass fool, EBV is a disease that has "plagued" racers like Pastrana and most recently Chad Reed. So here it is, the BROto Salute To Epstein Barr Virus...

When life has got you down, when the results just aren't coming in, the answer is right in front of you. Maybe you were making out with a few used needles, maybe you decided to take a bath in the dumpster outside of a planned parenthood building. Either way, you might have just scored the golden ticket to a summer of sipping Mai Tais by the country club pool while the rest of those assholes grind away in the dirt. Join me in a gentlemens' laugh; HawHaw. Haw. Haw. Yes it has seemed that EBV has become a favorite amongst riders due to the strain the body takes during training for the outdoors. I must say that being diagnosed with it after having scored a championship would just be the delicious hot fudge on my sundae of awesome. Summer vaca, bitches. Book the tickets to Tahiti. 

Now I'm no doctor, so I definitely am not one to give a medically-sanctioned diagnosis. But in my BROfessional opinion, the number one cause of the EBV is holding a number one plate and then not winning; realizing that you have indeed made plenty of money in the past year to take the rest of the summer off. But, wait, you still have to train, right? No way, chronic fatigue syndrome, BRO. Damn, I don't think I can handle getting up in the morning. Better get that woman to start serving meals in bed. And I think I heard that X-Box has been medically proven to increase the body's healing ability. Let's toss a couple of those in the room, too. Oh, it's 120 with a wind chill of 125 at the race? Shoot, wish I could be out there. Now excuse me while I take my daily dose of chocolate cake. Doctor's orders, you see. Any chance of a handicap sticker for the car, as well? The parking lot at Six Flags is huge.

And coming into next season, you'll actually feel like training. Isn't that hilarious? When everyone else has decided to take some R & R like little non-disease-having pussies, you'll be getting right back into it, no worse for the wear once A1 comes to town (but make sure you have a deal signed before you get sick, dummy). So a salute to you, Epstein Barr virus, and the unbelievably unique and perfect opportunity you present to all of the pros who would sometimes just rather have a cold beer.


  1. Yeah really funny man. Obviously you have not had EBV. Its not easy I was there and was forced to spend weeks smoking and watching nat geo. By the time I was better I had 3 xboxes, 2 wiis and one ps3. I could not remember how to even make myself a meal because of all the sympathy I was getting from everyone I knew. Then came the worst part - getting better and realizing you actually have to start taking care of yourself at some point...

    So I salute you back for bringing to light the true nature of ebv - we need to start a walk or marathon for this "disease"

  2. Wow. Not much to say about this except....
    I have it.
    I'm not drawing a check or sitting on my ass.
    Had mono in high school. Painful glands since. Finally asked a doctor what could be causing that. Blood was drawn - sent off to the Mayo clinic and the charts EBV. It's not made up, apparently...according to my doctor...some people can get mono and be fine. Others like myself harbor the virus and the possible symptoms it can produce are unpleasant. I had no idea anyone "out there" made fun of this. Seriously. I guess some people are using it in a way I had no idea. I thought that's what the whole fibromyalgia (spelled?) thing was for. I'm not using my diagnosis for anything....same schedule, same everything except an anti-viral drug 6 times a day. I pay for that - the state doesn't ;) Interesting. Hope none of you actually get this because it does suck.

  3. I hope you assholes actually get EBV. Obviously you're "not a doctor" because you don't know shit. For one, you can't drink Coronas if you have EBV b/c you'd be alcohol-intolerant. You get no Handicap sticker for the car, you moron. No sugar, either (cake), it's spinach leaves and soy milk.
    Your ailment is Incurable Ignorance and Stupidity. Never met a motocrosser who's educated, let alone a doctor. Your ego's so big it's got to be making up for a teeny weeny weinie. Size of a kid's half pencil? Sorry for your ailment, "dude." You should rename your blog:, if it's not taken.