Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nice Try, BRO. Natural Selection Strikes Again

Not an MX video, but worth sharing, nonetheless. Do you realize what a hazard sportbikes are to the BRO population? Because all those guys get bikes for one reason: girls think motorcycles are the tits. These guys are just trying to score some vag, that is it. But the stigma on Harleys and cruiser bikes is that they're for old, fat guys, right? So you'd better get a superbike, BRO. More horsepower, more bitches, so I'd go with the 1000. Can't be too difficult, right? And remember, only pussies wear helmets. Now let's get some wheelie footage in traffic, because that is motherfucking sexxxy.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed we don't get to see this dude's mangled corpse. Like, he falls so early in the video, I thought it was getting shown for sure. Isn't that fucked up? Society is a sick bitch.


  1. In the last 30 seconds(of the 38 second video) is the videographer trying to stuff the camera into his pants?


  2. You fucking Yanks when are you gonna learn to wear a lid on the road? Not only do you lose half your face when doing retarded shit like this but you look like a complete fag in the process...