Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is GNCC Going Soft? Loretta's Round Cancelled Due To Rain

From Racer X - Morgantown, W. Va. - Recent inclement weather conditions at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. have made it impossible to adequately prepare the course for the Parts Unlimited Loretta Lynn's GNCC this weekend, April 30 - May 1.

As a result of extreme rains, the GNCC course and parking area is under water. After discussion with local public safety officials, it has been determined that Racer Productions has no choice but to postpone this event for the safety and well-being of all riders, fans and families.

Um, I'm not seeing the problem here? I can actually hear the old timers in the background chiming in with the "Back in my day, we'd race in 20 feet of water, uphill both ways, with bikes that were made of lead." Look, if you sign up for GNCC, you sign up to ride whatever the elements throw at you, BRO. This is the American GNCC series. Break out the wet suits, throw the snorkel on the airbox, and get your ass on the track. I'll bet you could rhythm the fuck out of the Ten crack Commandments when your bike is underwater. 5-5 them and you're done, son. Jesus, I'll bet in Canada they welcome track conditions like this. Don't give them the satisfaction. We need some real Confederate-lovin', minority hatin' southern boys in on this one. I think it's time to call the Mud Mafia in to get this one done. Only the Godfather can show these clowns how to do it.


  1. Freakin nansy pansies!! I bet thems gunna stat leten dem dar black fellars in dat dang ceres two!!

  2. Back in the day, that wouldn't have stopped the race. Not one bit. They would've rode right through the middle of that shit and had it been an event like the Blackwater 100, there would've been 500 drunk screaming mullet-clad hillbillies pulling the riders across. GET ER DUN