Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Redneck's Response To Raise It Up Is Humiliatingly Poor

So, so, SO embarrassed to be a white person right about now. This is some of the most bush league shit I've seen in quite a while. Sick, BRO, you just did a no-footer wheelie. I guess the next step is definitely to make a video teaser, right? Fuck, man. Don't you get it? There's no room here for amateur hour. Love how they do the slow-mo to make everything look a little better. You see any fucking slow-mo in Raise It Up? No? Then that's the standard. Dude, if you're idea of a nasty stoppie is about 6 inches off the ground (and on a quad), you have no business making a teaser video, which obviously comes with the implication that you're making an actual video for distribution. Then they do the quad side wheelie whatever it is for about a dozen shots, even though that shit is probably the easiest, most visually deceiving stunt you could do. My 11 year old cousin kills it at those, BRO. And why the hip-hop? You listen to Willie fucking Nelson and you know it, Jethro.


  1. Dude, check out 1:48 he actually edited in where he fuked up and dabbed

  2. that guy is definitely a douchnozzle.

  3. haha I saw the dab and thought it was funny too.
    Look redneck bros, no speed, no traffic, no fucking magic here.