Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time To Talk GPs With Eazy

So with no race going on this week domestically, it's time to go across  the pond and talk Europe. That's right, it's GP time. I've given Europe a little flack in the past, but honestly, I've got nothing against it. Like, I would love it if they played Sandstorm before every moto in the US. That shit gets my blood flowing. I did watch the GPs every once in a while last year. But unfortunately, they decided to try to make some money doing that shit, but forgot one thing...

Here's the thing about people, especially American people: If you're taking a service from $free.99 to $39.99, you had better be throwing in something to sweeten the deal. That's business 101. When people were given something for free, they won't suddenly be willing to pay for it, all else unchanged. Throw in a coffee mug or an MX-Life frisbee and you are golden. Ok, maybe not golden, but you get what I'm going for here. You can break it down however you want, $0.50 a moto or whatever, but no one is going to pay that.

Onto the race - I am so down with this Herlings kid. How you going to be a factory rider at 15 and not be living large, right? Winning GPs at 15, you might as well just start walking through the pits and making checklists of girls you're going to bang when your balls drop. That kid ate shit in that second moto, but he's 15 so he doesn't give a fuck. Just picks it up and goes to the lead in two laps, no big deal. Hit me up on Twitter, JH. #winning @BROtocross

In the 450s, we have Cairoli again taking the W. Still a pretty overrated rider, in my opinion. But, here's something about me: if you do one sick section on a track, you'll make a fan out of me. I don't care who you are. So, watch at 4:07. Tony doubles into the fat braking bump in that turn, and instantly I'm saying "Oh, ok, ok." Good shit, TC. Hit me up on Twitter.

And one last thing, because this post is getting a little long: Am I the only one who thinks that having a Euro accent instantly makes you a better announcer? Seriously, this guy would be nothing without his magical voice. But he's way better than Ralph and Emig, simply because he sounds like he's having tea time for the whole race. Touche, Europe. Touche. Hit me up on Twitter.

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  1. holy shit, never have I seen two 16 year olds throw so many consecutive scrubs lol- on a sand track. and fuckin A why don't they have the 'supermini to pro' rule in America so every 15 year old can race pro with the big boys?! haha gotta love the sandstorm too.