Monday, May 23, 2011

Amber Alert: J-Law Search 2011 Begins - You Guys Take New Jersey

Just peeped this pic and caption at Transworld in this week's Kickstart

Jason Lawrence was so under the radar in Hangtown, that no one even saw him. The often-troubled rider was slated to race for the ARMA Energy/Suzuki City squad alongside Malcolm Stewart, but there was no sign of him this weekend. According to Lawrence's agent Scott Sepkovic, no one has been able to track J-Law down for the past three weeks.

I, for one, am terribly alarmed here. You're telling me that Jason Lawrence is literally missing and you think I'm not forming a search party? I am doing just that. I know I've got some New Jersey readers seeing this, so you guys are starting. Make your way from Englishtown to the Shore, and I don't want to hear anything about not finding a trace of him, goddamnit. Something will turn up. But don't think that the rest of you are off the hook. We are going national with this. Fuck it, I know a few Euros and Aussies are reading this, too, so let's make that international. I am officially announcing an international search party to find the whereabouts of one Jason Lawrence.  Tracks, bars, titty clubs, and other general institutions of awesomeness are to be on high alert.

Now, here at BROtocross, we are very technologically savvy. We have rendered a photo of J-Law from a time when he was last seen to what he may look like now. Be on the lookout, I want to see this picture on milk cartons and bulletin boards.

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  1. He was embarrassed to show and went into hiding ever since I whipped him at MX vs ATV.