Monday, May 23, 2011

BROtocross Is Officially In For Stimilon

Well, credit on this one might go to you, the readers, because about five minutes after posting the Stimilon blog, I had a message from Mr. Stimilon himself asking me to get in touch. We hammered out some details, crossed the T's and dotted the lower case J's, and now BROtocross is officially sponsoring our first event - the Stimilon Motocross Challenge at Southwick this weekend. Banners will be rad and beers will be had at the BROtocross pit, know that. So if you are at this event, definitely come by and check us out. I'm still thinking that I want to do some video blogs for this one, it definitely seems like the right time to unveil that technology. And anyone who lets me ride their bike for the day on Sunday will be getting a free "Believe The Type" t-shirt, that's a promise.

By the way, Stimilon is "no limits" spelled backwards. That's where the name comes from. And now you know.