Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best Hillclimb [Failure] Of The Decade

Once again, a non-moto post. But I think any fellow rip-roarin', hillclimbin' motor enthusiast can appreciate what's going on here, and the rest of us can easily laugh at it. This is what happens when you let your guard down, BRO. Thought he had it for days, probably started stuntin' and that mountain is just like "Not up in here!" I don't know if there's ever been a more epic helmet cam shot than the one right after the guy stops falling and looks up at the hill. The anticipation was absolutely killer. Fucking pins and needles to the nines. I was waiting for that thing to come charging down out of nowhere and put that guy in an ice coma for 500 years or something. Like, legitimately excited for it. Obviously, it wasn't nearly what I had it built up to be in my head, but that's the magic of film - it can create something out of nothing.

Here's what I want to know - why start chasing after it? Just let the thing go, and go down at a nice, relaxing pace. What are you going to do if you catch up to the sled?

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