Monday, May 23, 2011

God Was Down With Hangtown

Jesus has spoken, and he is satisfied with that performance, Hangtown. We are still here, so the big man upstairs has clearly decided that the entertainment provided by Hangtown was good enough to hold him over for another thousand years or so; that's like one day in God time. That mofo has been around for eternity. A thousand years is barely enough time to play 18 holes for that guy. Nonetheless, Baggett's psycho charge at the end of each moto and Reed being all "Hey if I'm not really winning indoors, I'll just win outdoors" was what God was looking for.

All in all, I'd say the race was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. I've pretty much always felt that 30+2 is too long of a moto from an entertainment standpoint. If you want good battles, a 35-40 minute moto is not going to produce throughout. Sure, when it does, it's epic. But it almost never does. Unfortunately, you can't just go shortening motos like that because it would have some serious fucking ramifications on the sport. I'm talking a butterfly effect times ten. Say it's 20+2. Now almost every guy out there can go all out for the whole moto. Soon you have heroes who previously had no shot. The racing is good, but the sport would essentially implode on itself because you have Joey Bag o' Doughnuts getting factory contracts because all of a sudden he's throwing down for the whole moto. Factory budgets begin to get spread out over several guys, which hurts the already factory BROs, and more people start doing SX-only, which we all know is for fairy boys (That's "fairy", not "ferry". What up, Timmy?). Are we stuck between a rock and a hard place or what?

By the way, the guy who made the Judgement Day website has posted that the rapture actually did happen and all the good Christians were brought up into heaven. So, like, not including you, huh BRO? Did you not make the cut? Whatever, set your calendars and mark your watches for the next one, I guess.

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