Thursday, May 26, 2011

T-Minus One Day Till Stimilon

Yes, BRO is heading out to Stimilon tomorrow for the festivities. This will be our first sponsored event and as you can see we are doing it right. Sure, there won't be shirts, stickers, good vibes, friendly handshakes, or general kindness doled out, but we have a banner. The boys at 139 Designs absolutely tore that shit up, as usual, and now BROtocross exists in physical form. That's all that I need to see before I'm saying "Oh fuck, these guys are hot fire." And that's what I'm thinking will be the consensus of the public at Stimilon; They've got a banner, that's for sure. Seriously, though, the BRO pit will be pretty much a festering pool of awesome behavior, so if you're at Stimilon, make sure to get over there. If you're lucky, someone might even give you a beer shower or something so rad like that. And I will say again, anyone who lets me ride their bike on Sunday is entitled to one free BROto T. That rolls off the tongue like nobody's business. One free BROto T. One free BROto T. Well, Stimilon should be fucking killer all-around so even if you don't want to come by the Eazy Livin' pit, swing by the race. It's going to be a real gas. There's all the info you need right here: Stimilon, BRO!


  1. I've got a bike for you if you will give me a ride.

  2. I'll be attending. Aussie freddie first timer, KX2fiddy number 406! I'll be sure to check out the BROto hall of awesome.