Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BROto Video - BROtocross Does Stimilon

There you have it. The BROto video. I have to be honest this was the first video I've edited in about five years, and I'm definitely a little rusty. I was pretty much just throwing shots in there like I was LMFAO. I always like to try to be artsy and all that hippie shit. Didn't happen here. General lack of useable footage kind of fucked me.

I had a real mental battle going on about the music. I was so fixed on using a metal song, since Stimilon was all about that. But seriously, heavy metal doesn't fit the BROto tone at all. So I went with a rule of thumb that you can all take to the bank: when in doubt, go with Eazy.


  1. exactly what I expected

  2. extra credit for a JYD cameo!

  3. That was gay as fuck.