Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BROtocross Officially Runs MX Apparel Trends

I spotted this on Transworld Business, and I'm currently searching high and low for the part where they credit me on that. In all seriousness, I called this. I said it before that Fox and the other core MX brands need to cool it with the clutterrific designs and just go with the deceptively simple approach. "Sublimated prints in unexpected places"? Get out of my head, Transworld. I've been pushing that bandwagon since they put wheels on it. And the collab gear? Um, hi, who has been pushing the collab designs like they are going out of style? Wait, that simile didn't really work to benefit my argument. Fuck it, I'm on a roll here. Yeah, I am the guy who got on the Skullcandy train when they made the Answer collab gear (which is sick by the way, have I mentioned that?) and same with the A-Stars/Y&R collab (wasn't MX gear, but wait a few months and then you can praise BROstradamus). What I am getting at here is that BROtocross sets the trends in motocross, and don't expect that to change. #mogulstatus

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  1. 2012 BROtocross/One Industries collab gear? I'd wear it proudly.