Monday, June 13, 2011

Did You Know They Raced Motocross In Kenya?

Nothing especially special about this, just some motocross in Kenya. When are they going to field a des Nations team? These guys are tearing Africa a new one, by the looks of it. I feel like such an ignorant American watching videos like this. In my mind, motocross does not exist outside of north North America (i.e. everything but Mexico) and Europe. My immediate reaction was "Whoa, they can afford bikes in Kenya?" Some of them are even on 2011s. What the hell is going on here? I figured I would be seeing some Blood Diamond shit happening in the background, helicopters shooting missiles over head, you know, that whole chestnut. I know that all that civil war business is in Sierra Leone, but Africa is like the size of the Mall of America but not as well lit(not a racist joke, I'm just typing, words came out). Nope, just a regular race. Nice bikes, nice weather, and solid reporting by name-I-cannot-pronounce guy.

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  1. I had heard of some of the overseas teams really being slow but had never been able to witness it firsthand. Until last year at the MXoN at thunder valley. Philippines team wasn't even clearing some doubles and riding corners with both feet down like they were about to tip over. ALOT of suck went on that weekend. Not to bash on anybody, they really tried and were determined but just didn't have anything for the bigger countries.