Monday, June 13, 2011

Moto's Golf Ambassador Drops A Hole In One At Washington DC Event, Proceeds To Not Give A Fuck Like A Boss

As some of you know, my bike is cooked and I am indefinitely out of commission. So, I have been playing a lot of golf in my off-time. Not that it really has any significance to this blog, I am just offering it up and you can take it how you want it.

I love what this Fowler kid brings to the table. I already blogged a little somethin-somethin about him being a rider-turned-golfer, but here he is popping up in the news again. He does not give a fuck what golf used to be, he is only seeing what golf is going to be; rocking his tee shirt and backward BRO cap, scaring old people at country clubs all around. My grandparents are those types and while we all love them to death, I know for a fact that they would be throwing up everywhere seeing this kid dropping aces in their backyard. And his reaction to this shot is so perfect - completely cool with a countenance that subtly states "I knew that ball was in before I hit it." Damn fine shooting, Rickie. Damn fine. You can represent the MX world to the masses anytime, BRO.

P.S. Announcer was the icing on the cake in this video. I will be grabbing a sound byte of that, no doubt. "That looks like money." Totally, BRO.

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