Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quad Lovers Be Warned - You're As Bad As They Are

DS164 sent this video over, saying I had to check it out. What really is there to say? First of all, we already know that I'm not into this game. Second of all, I fucking hate quads. Third of all, let's make the second point the first point. This blog is quickly turning into 100% quad hate, and you know what? I'm ok with that. So when I'm seeing a happy-go-lucky quad video game video (a VGV, if you will), it's really not having a calming effect on me. No, I will not have fun playing this game, and no, I will not give quads a break. If they wanted to be my friend, they wouldn't be drifting corners and getting boners when the track is harder than their boners which they just got from the degree of the track's hardness. And if you want to be their friend, you, sir, are my enemy. Back in the day, they hanged people for pulling stunts like that.

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  1. Pure gold. Was at a track this weekend with three C-class quad riders. Track destroyed. Huge boners for 3 people.