Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Non-Moto Fight Video To Make Up For Lost Stimilon Footage

So like I said, some of the footage from Stimilon will unfortunately never see the light of day due to potential legal issues, but let me tell you that some of the fight footy will go down in history as straight up epic (think the love child of Fight Club and the curb stomp scene in American History X). But I know what the public wants, and yes, ye shall receive. Here's a legit drunken fight video from this past weekend, complete with gratuitous thong shot from some chick trying to help this poor motherfucker out. The crowd may have been a little less dense than this, and the ratio may have been slightly more skewed towards the sausage persuasion, but if you squint and hum while you watch it, the video is a dead ringer for the Stimilon video.

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