Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black Bikes and BROflips

Black Bike Day at BROtocross continues. Mr. "My Videos Get 200,000 Views" DS164 sent this one to me, and once again we have a video that just nails it. Everything is covered. From that dumbass Fox chest protector to the flat black helmet with the visor tilted ever so perfectly in a downward fashion to the completely blacked out 50, this BRO knew what he had signed up for - it was backflip or bust from the moment that bike left his undoubtedly lifted truck. You can't NOT backflip when you roll in with that kind of lifestyle choice, it's a practical impossibility. Sure, he gets some points deducted for using a rubber ramp and doing it on a 50, but those bad-ass knee sliders he's wearing compensate at least a little for those mistakes. How amazing would it have been if he bounced off his head only to land back on his feet? I'll bet if he wasn't wearing a helmet like a real Mulisher, it could have happened.