Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That's Enough Of The Black Bikes, BRO

In watching the race at Phoenix, my BROs and I came up with a collective thought that I instantly knew needed to be shared with the motonet: If black is the predominant color on your bike, you look like an idiot. It's like you are Kanye West and singing "Here's to the BROs," like an asshole. It came to us while watching Chris Blose provide the vast majority of the entertainment in the 450 LCQ on his Hart and Huntington bike. I know that it all comes into the category of brand imaging for most of these teams, but it doesn't change the fact that black bikes are retarded, and they always have been. Freestyle, racing, it doesn't matter - if people look at your bike and the color that immediately jumps out at them is black, it's going to get made fun of. And so many teams have done it and continue to do it. I'm not talking about the PC bikes or the Rockstar bikes here, for the record. While they are made up of mostly black plastics, they incorporate other colors into the make-up of the machine to deter the "BLACKNESS!" statement that the bike would make otherwise. It's pretty easily prevented. Like, the front fender does most of the damage. Change that color and you'll see a world of difference. It's a good thing. Black really reminds me of the Metal Mulisha and the Crusty Demons, and then I start to get bothered. Just stop it.

I've also noticed that when a rider is on a black bike, he seems to adopt the style and attitude on the track that's associated with it, as if black plastic necessitates riding like you wish you had spikes on your gear and bike to really do some damage. Blose and Tedesco have proved it thus far. Both of them have regularly been out on the track with a reckless disregard for their and others' safety. If you ride a black bike, here's your mindset: Guy in front of me? Smash him. Am I wrong? Are there any riders out there on blacked out bikes that can give me some input? Seriously, Tedesco used to be a fairly smooth rider, but throw him on a black bike and he's bopping off riders like a pinball in a crack house.


  1. With ARMA nuts sponsoring HandH and previously sponsoring J-Law racing, does that make them the baddest nuts around?

  2. They're not being supported by Kawasaki in anyway so they don't want to advertise for them, so I can respect the color change. What color do you suggest they run? The only realistic color left other than black is Purple.

    PS. I hope your cool with me putting a link on the website I'm currently building, to your blog. I do enjoy.

  3. no matter what the style, it's automatically goon with their blacked out set up. looks like pit riders tryin to show off