Thursday, January 13, 2011

Only Queerosexuals Check The Takeoff Before They Send It

Please watch the video before you read this, because I need your reaction to be as raw as mine is right now. Think more, BRO? How about think at all? Yet again proof that most of the dirtbiker stereotypes are dead on balls accurate. Just another idiot redneck calling his buddies and making an event out of this whole charade. Where the motherfuck was he planning on landing? Is that supposed to be the landing of the jump that he barrels into? He probably got whiplash before he even hit the goddamn ground. Yet again, I say this is just natural selection at it's finest. Somehow the universe will weed out the total failures. It's like these people are a lower breed of humanity. And I'm so, SO happy that this was considered worthy of whatever television program that it was shown on. Make an example of this dumbfuck. One of two things will happen: either kids will learn not to do stupid shit, or they will want to imitate it and churn out more hilarious footage for the rest of us to make fun of. Either way, it's a win for me, so I'm good. Credit to DS164 for the video find.


  1. Haha wow. Too bad natural selection won't work on this dumbfuck, he'll be the same guy who knocks up his girlfriend cuz he doesn't know how to wrap it.

  2. o wow how'd you find that one??

  3. Unfortunately, it is these same people that will sue KTM for selling a dangerous motorcycle. These are the ass clowns that get tracks shut down. That actually made me LOL. That's about the stupidest thing I've ever seen - it was glorious.