Thursday, January 13, 2011

Phoenix Fantasy Breakdown: 250 Class

Ok, I'm going through the fantasy picks right now, sorting out my line up for Phoenix. The approach, at least in the 250 class, is a little different this week. This "no hiring riders two weeks in a row" rule is killing my vibe. It's just a complete downer. Forget Hanny, Roczen, Davalos, and Rattray. Luckily, they all did so well last week that they present a significantly less juicy opportunity for points this week. No more double points from Roczen or Davalos, or +6 handicap for Hansen. So now the choices are much less obvious. Not only did the riders sort themselves out last weekend, but the guys over at did, as well. There aren't any sure shots for mega points like last weekend, so a savvy fantasy player like myself has to be cool and calculated here. The HOT rider rule is one to definitely take advantage of. I mean, it basically means that anything better than a 10th for a HOT rider is better than winning for a cool rider. Of course, like I said, they are kind of screwing us to the wall on the HOT rider list this weekend. There are only three guys that I feel confident will make the main: Cunningham, Craig, and my man Jimmy Decotis. Cunningham and Craig are only a +1 handicap, while Jimmy is a +2. But I'm not NOT going to throw my cards behind Jimmy, so he's definitely on the squad. Cunningham too, that kid has shown that he can top 10 pretty regularly, so I think he's a pretty safe bet. Craig is kind of a wild card, so I'm going to have to say that he will miss the cut this week. Unfortunately, that's pretty much it for the double points possibilities. There are several long shots at +8, but they are all pretty much the junk bonds of the 250 class: either you're going to get a lot of points or none at all. It's high risk, and that's not cool and calculated like your boy Eazy here. I mean, it's in the name - Eazzzzy. No high risk riders on this team. That leads me to choice #3, although you could probably call him the lead off man - Tickle. I'm pretty psyched that I didn't pick him last week, because I would gladly bet my lovely non-existant girlfriend that he's going to podium again at Phoenix. Mitch don't fuck around, and honestly, neither does Broc. He strikes me as one of those guys that might whip himself in the back, Old Testament-style, when he does poorly at a race. So let's break it down so far, we have HOT riders Decotis (+2) and Cunningham (+1), and Tickle. No handicap possibilities for Broc, but I'm comfortable with that. He doesn't need any help. The last spot on the squad has been kind of a toss-up for me, between Seeley and Tomac. Tomac holds the advantage on benefit when it comes to handicapping, at +4 to Seeley's +1, but Cole did have a good week at A1. Tomac didn't have such luck, but we all know that he's fast, and that +4 just sweetens to deal for me. No double points, but you can't always have a golden toilet and shit in it, too. So the last spot will go to Tomac. So we've got Tickle, Decotis, Cunningham, and Tomac. Yep, we've got a walk-off. Shut it down, I'll just take my giant check and be on my way.


  1. Roczen, Decotis, Cunningham, Tickle.

  2. Rattray, Paluzzi, Roczen, Decotis. Eat my shit.