Friday, January 14, 2011

Phoenix Fantasy Breakdown: 450 Class

The 450 class breakdown for Phoenix is pretty damn difficult, to say the least. There are so many HOT riders and possible wild cards that I just don't feel like the pinnacle of masculinity that I am by playing the guaranteed riders and keep it safe. I know that I said minimizing risk is the name of the game, but I'm fucking Eazy, bitch, I call the shots. So for the 450 class this week, I'm going to abandon that safe strategy for a real Hail Mary. I mean, my "safe" 450 team last week totally shit the bed, so it's time to throwout that playbook and start from scratch. The first rider to make the cut is Tommy Hahn. He blew it last week, but Hahn is generally what I would consider a safe bet for a top 10. And at +1 on the handicap scale, I've got days of wiggle room for him - he could even get an 11th and I'd be set. Yeah.

There are so many HOT riders that it's becoming kind of a headache to choose. There are a lot of them in the +4-+6 handicap range that could easily top 10, but could just as easily suffer from a psychological grenade and not make the main. The next spot is definitely a wild card, but I just have that feeling, my BROto senses are tingling. Austin Stroupe is my next guy. He's confirmed to race this weekend, following that shady performance at A1 where he rode fine in practice then decided that he was too injured from a year ago. But like I said, I've just got a feeling. Another total wild card on the team is going to be Matt Boni. Boni's coming in at +6, and I've got the feeling that as long as he makes the main, he'll be able to muster a 16th. That's the game I'm playing this week.

But for this last spot, I'm abandoning that manly rockstar mindset and going with the cool, calculated Gordon Gekko approach, and that money's on James Stewart. Pretty much a guarantee of at least a top 3 (although in recent years, it would have been pretty much a guarantee of a top 1). So that's the 450 line up. Either they'll crash and burn or I'm buying drinks with the theoretical money that my team is raking in. Ask me again on Sunday. I'm bored of this, is it the weekend yet?

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