Monday, January 17, 2011

Alessi Didn't Qualify. EL OH EL.

That's right, people, Mike Alessi didn't qualify for the main at Phoenix. This is almost getting to the point where you just start to feel bad for the kid. His career is completely spiraling. Of course, the big news that I learned of this week is that Mike pretty much fired Tony. I guarantee that DeCoster took Mike aside and said "Listen, bitch. If you don't keep that psycho away from me and the rest of the team, you'll be slinging 350s at a dealership in the Valley before you can fail again to take a title." Of course, Tony has ruined Mike's mind to the point that it cannot function without his constant presence, in the way that a heroin addict physically needs heroin, though it gives him nothing in the long term but negative effects. Tony was pretty much always a poison in Mike's career, and his effects are still hovering around. Then again, KTM does make the kid ride that ridiculous bike, and they aren't doing him any favors there. It looks like KTM is just the place where careers go to die, from the performance of their riders thus far. Short got a 7th, but the man was a consistent top five figure on his Hondas.

But, what happened this week that really had me thinking was Jeff qualifying. Mike got to watch from the cheap seats while his inferior brother rode in a race that he also should have been in. I'd venture to say that it's the first time something like that has ever happened. Tony was probably foaming at the mouth watching from his couch at home. All of his work has just been thrown out the window. The child that he struggled to remember on a daily basis made the main, and the golden child did not. Sucks for you, Tony. Remember how you always say "WE need this win" when talking about Mike? Well, now you get to say "WE didn't even qualify".

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  1. I am pretty sure Tony will say THEY didn't qualify since he was at home on the couch. It's Roger's fault...(See?!?! See?!?!)