Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coming Back To Life With A Quad Guy Trying To Murder A Street Bike Guy With His Truck

Yes, it of course has been a weird couple of days for BROtocross, as I am in the middle of kicking the blogger habit and going at it like a big boy media mogul. It is going well, considering that yesterday I was having a legitimately diagnosable panic attack. Hopefully, you are reading this on the new site, but until I am sure that no one is still being forwarded to blogspot, I am going to post on both of the sites. So enjoy blogspot while it still lasts, because its days are numbered. And if you still actually go to, stop being an asshole, 'k BRO? Alright, let's get into this.

I actually watched this whole video, which everyone knows is nearly impossible with internet videos over two minutes that do not involve one or more of these three things: a motocross race, a naked woman, or a laughing baby. Okay, hopefully not the last two at the same time. This video - it was wicked lame. The initial credits are way over selling it, and basically it is over after the truck tries to run the dude off the road about 1:15 in. Guy drives like a psycho for a while then they argue and call the cops on each other, but that is about it. But you know why I blogged this? Yeah, there's a quad in the back of that sumbitch. Textbook quad behavior, of course. Only a real asshole would pull some shit like that. And only a real asshole would ride a quad, no? Ipso facto, textbook quad behavior. And taking place on a road in rural Kentucky, you can bet the thousand farms they pass in this video that this guy is late for a clan meeting. And is that a crowbar in his hand as he first gets out of the truck? Is it 1970?


  1. hey dipshit, sounds like the new site might be a winner, but, ah, how do I find it? Maybe you might want to like, kinda, post a link to it? Or something?

    If I wanted to read yesterday's news, I would look at the MXA website, but nowhere did i see a link to the (now) legit new beatocross, or whatever you call it....

  2. it's, you dumb fuck