Monday, January 17, 2011

The Twitch Compound Videos: BRO or No?

One of the fans sent this in:

I dunno if you've seen this yet. I don't know if they're gay or not yet.

Help me decide.

And the verdict is: GAY. Well not gay, but you know, stupid. Gay is a hurtful term, boys and girls. BROtocross cares. But anyways, I like Twitch. I think he's generally quite the character. But these videos are annoying as shit. The sped up voice is definitely supposed to add to the comedic value, but the only effect it has is it causes chronic pausing and closing of the video. I've been saying for a while now that pro riders should take advantage of YouTube and just start churning out content. It doesn't have to be professionally filmed and edited, people just like to see these guys in videos. That being said, shit like this is not what I had in mind. Sure, there's a couple of shots in there that I thought were kind of funny, but I definitely did not make it completely through a single one of these. It's also preserving this idea that goon riding videos are funny, when 97% of the time they aren't. Like, at all. The only funny goon riding videos are Ronny Mac and Trey Canard. Maybe Sean Hamblin had a funny one, but that's it.

Oh, and the song for the Bret Michaels video absolutely should have been "She's My Cherry Pie". That would have been exponentially funnier, in my humble opinion.

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