Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another BRO, Another Flip

Well, I can absolutely guarantee two things from seeing this: This guy got an invite to X-Games, and has an energy drink sponsor now. That's the way it goes. One weird trick that no one else does, and you are on your way to L.A. with about 40 cases of your drink of choice. You literally don't need anything else. I'm a little disappointed that he didn't wait until X to do it the first time to dirt. Kind of hampering the degree of gnarly, if you ask me. And I don't think we can call this a 360 front flip. I couldn't understand what Sinclair was calling it, but let's just call it that, because I'm really not sure if this is a front flip with a 360. Like the dude says, he is just trying to do a regular front flip. This is more like a front flip with Downs syndrome. The Downs flip. Gold medal 2011. Ugh.


  1. what happened to riding with flow and style?? id take a sweet whip or even a damn cross up over any form of retard flip. YAWN!!!
    but i guess monstered/redbulled/enter energy drink of choice here up 16 year olds need super flipping action and mofos eating dirt to get a boner these days. so over it.

  2. the dude wears a protector and has a (3 digit) number on his bike. This leads me to believe he isnt just some joey.
    Downs Flip -hahahahaha

  3. lets just be glad that the bro is not wearing lawn gloves, a bell moto 4 helmet and hockey pads.

  4. well i think he was either calling 1 of two things: my first guess, "The Carry-On" as some kind of reference to airplane luggage. Or, the 'Carrion' like a dead carcass. Thats the perfect name for a fucked up looking twist-of-a-trick, BRO. A reference to a dead animal...