Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tattoo[s] of the Week

I skipped this feature last week, and was probably going to do the same this week until I saw this guy. Once again, nothing to do with motocross, but who really reads BROtocross for the MX content, anyway? I know I don't. There's a lot of better places to do that.

This guy actually made some headlines this week, so when you got tattoos in the news, you are certainly a front-runner for Tattoo of the Week. Probably the oldest guy who could ever be the featured BRO of the week; the John Dowd of BRO tattoo artistry, if you will. It's a hell of a statement to have 82 (yes, as in eight-two) tattoos of Julia Roberts on your body. I think we can safely say that he doesn't want to fuck Julia; he's one of those psychopaths that either wants to kill her or murder someone and send their head to her as a gift. There's no way that he could actually love her in a normal way, because the route he has taken would be incredibly counterproductive to his cause if that was the case. No man could think that a woman will fuck him if he gets her face tattooed 82 times. Hell, 20 times would be really stretching it, right? Nope, he's going for the murder avenue. That's why he put them all on parts of his body that are easily covered. If he tat'ed Julia Roberts on his face, people are going to be weirded out. Definitely way harder to murder someone when they're afraid to sit next to you on a park bench or some other remote location near a sensible dump site. I will say that I'd definitely like to see some flow going on between the pics, maybe even a timeline that connects them all together. The chaos of the jumbled heads isn't really to my liking.

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