Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daytona BROment of the Week

Opening up Thursday with the BROment of the Week, since I will be out of the BROffice tomorrow. This has already been covered a little in an earlier post, but it clearly deserves these kudos as the "Are you serious, BRO?" instance of the race at Daytona. Everyone was in on this one, maybe other than the riders because they probably didn't even know he was doing it. But mechanics, managers, photogs, and audience were all spitting out the exultant BROment phrase every lap. And the amplitude probably went up a solid two fold when James started banging it out after his head was flying in the clouds from that crash. Hands down my favorite thing about this BROment is that James definitely saw that thing on the track walk and knew that he was doing it. He just saved it for the night show, and everyone was left up shit's creek without a paddle trying to find an extra two seconds somewhere on the track. Clearly more evidence that Stewart is far and away the most talented rider out there. And sorry for constantly posting these long clips. Someone needs to breakdown every highlight from a race and put them all on YouTube. Please and thank you.

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  1. 259 rules. everybody talks shit about him, his tv show and everything else but honestly who gives a fuck? i dont care about any of that crap or even if he wins or loses just seeing him pull shit like that while leaving everybody else dumb founded is fucking ey. as the jam once said 'thats entertainment' people.
    loving this site.