Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Don't Know What The F#%k Is Going On In This Unit Video, But I Like It

Ok, wow. Definitely wasn't ready for this one. You just don't see this type of video put out in motocross, these days. If someone will please drop some acid then watch this and give me a detailed report, I'd be very interested to see it. Seriously, I don't hate the video. I'm just not sure I understand it. Like, here's a list of some of the images I caught in one viewing: crying baby, Hitler, computer imagery of sexy lady, nuclear explosion, beating heart, Tiananmen Square, burning monk, then a bunch of Unit product. Are they trying so say that they're the rebels or something? As if they are the monk who burned himself, going against the fascist regime (Hitler)? I'm all over the place here. One thing's for certain: the Unit crew were on the fucking ceiling when they made this vid. Honestly, it might be one of the best I've seen from a marketing standpoint. I can't stop trying to figure it all out. Now the Unit brand is engraved in my brain for the rest of the day. You guys are some sneaky bastards. Get out of my head.


  1. Confusion + Emotion = Need for understanding

    Need for understanding + More Confusion = Frustration

    April 20, 1889 = Hitlers birthday

    April 20 = 4:20

    Correct Conclusion >= Conclusion

    Wrong Conclusion = Conclusion

    Answer + (Variable) = Answer

    Therefore; Answer + Unit Clothing = Answer

    Therefore; Unit clothing <= Answer

    Frustration + (being told what to do) = Answer + Conclusion

    Therefore; Answer + Conclusion <= The easter bunny is a nazi. Bombs are fun even if they blow you up along with your job, which you're a slave to anyway. Unit clothing is flamable and may cause babies to burst into monks on fire. So don't be a baby and buy/wear unit clothing!

    Please note that (buy/wear) was not Mathematics.

    Hope that helped...