Monday, May 2, 2011

Did Mike Alessi Just Pick Up A GoateeSaver Sponsorship?

Maybe picking on Mike Alessi here, but that's my bread and butter. I love the guy, never gives a fuck how much people will say that he looks like a rapist. I mean, sure, he's not the first person to rock a goatee. But if you're just going to show up at the track rocking the hard BROtee, you had better send out a memo first. Attention everyone: I will be going with the hipster goatee this weekend. Please do not call the police if I am standing near your children, it is purely coincidental. I'm not saying this is definitely a message coming from the guy who's driver was just arrested for child molestation, know. They told Mike to get a therapist, he went and got "the rapist".


  1. It blows me away how quickly this blog has gone from pretty damn funny to effin lame.

  2. Those things are called DICKTARGETS not BROtee's.