Friday, January 28, 2011

Oakland Fantasy Breakdown: The Full Boat

250: Cunningham (HOT)
        Weeck (HOT +4)
450: Stroupe (HOT +6)

Keeping it short this week, because at this point, who gives a fuck about fantasy supercross? Like, I am in San Francisco right now, the last thing that I need to be doing is picking my goddamn fantasy squad for the race. But, most people in the motonet are fucking idiots, and what can I say? I'm a softie. So here's how it broke down: For the most part, I'm going for the sure things this week. Fuck the long shots, I am not going to be seduced by the possibility of 40 points or whatever. Keep it respectable, play the odds. Tickle, Hansen, Stewart, Dungey, Villopoto. Boom, I'll take my points. I'm using those BROtojesuses to hedge my bets on the big time potential point men. Stroupe is a +6, he got 12th last week, and has been improving each week. Not as much of a risk as you may have originally thought, Connie Quickdecision. Cunningham has just had shit luck, no doubt about it. He's top 5 material, so if he's HOT, I'm hot. Yeah, it's getting weird in here. Maybe the biggest long shot is Tommy Weeck. Kid's got game, and most of the world has forgotten that. But not Eazy. Check and mate.

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  1. Sorry you are in San Francisco Bro. Just remember, most of California isn't like that. Luckily.