Friday, January 28, 2011

Arenacross Still Exists?

AMA Arenacross
Dayton, OH - Ervin J, Nutter Center
Arenacross Main:
Jeff Gibson
2. Cole Siebler
3. Chad Johnson
4. Tyler Bowers
5. Gray Davenport
6. Cory Green
7. Zach Ames
8. Nathan Skaggs
9. Willy Browning
10. Kevin Johnson

I was rummaging through the motonet earlier this week and came upon (haha, came upon) the results for the Arenacross that took place this past weekend. Seriously, did you know that the Arenacross series still exists? Like, they still have teams and shit that follow the tour. I feel like that series has fallen about as close to oblivion as one can get. In the state that the sport as a whole is in right now, I'm honestly amazed that they've been able to keep that series afloat. Do people really earn a living riding for a series that probably attracts a crowd that would even embarrass a county fair demolition derby? Of course, that is a comparable event to an Arenacross, so perhaps I would be wrong to ridicule one over the other.

I feel like they've just tried so hard to bring Arenacross back to where it was in its heyday. You had the whole BooKoo debacle, then they outlawed 450s to make the racing safer yet more intense. But each time they've simply admitted to failing and gone back to the original game plan. Like the 350, good in theory, failure in practice. Honestly, I love the 25 second lap times and block pass attempts from three lanes over, so I hope it's here to stay. I think if it's made it this far, it's in for the long haul. Like a goldfish that won't die no matter how much you neglect it. But people in Oklahoma and Kansas do need a thrill outside of cow-tipping and cousin-fucking every once in a while.


  1. 4 strokes are too loud for arenacross.