Monday, February 21, 2011

Tony Alessi Believes There Is A Conspiracy Against His Kids On The Internet. Idiot.

From Moto X Addicts - Does it get to you at all when there is negative stuff about the Alessi family? I personally think it is way off base and out of line at times towards you guys.
One thing that does worry me—and I'm not sure how to word this—I guess a good word would be "image assassins." I believe there are probably people out there that work for other agents or riders. Lets say there are two riders that are going for the same ride and you hire a group of people—maybe your people: you know, your gear guy, your goggle guy your mechanic or the kid's family—and the whole group gets together and colors the other rider black. After that happens even if the rider that got colored black is worthy of the ride, they still may take the other guy instead because the one guy's reputation is so tarnished now. It's really not cool and all it takes is say ten of those guys to get together, start writing bad things about a rider, and now the rider has a bad image. Who knows how it works. All I know is Mike's a good kid: he trains hard, takes great care of his girlfriend, doesn't have tattoos, drink, or do drugs. Mike does everything that is good about a person. These people just go on there and write anything. Sometimes it feels like a bunch of personal attacks. You know? Full Interview Here.

You want to know what's pathetic about this? The fact that Tony actually observes such a possibility as the reason that his kid might get passed up for a ride or deal. What a fucking excuse.  The guy has the self-awareness of a goddamn sociopath. Personally, I think this sounds pretty crazy, but I'm not going to go out on that limb and say it doesn't happen. But that would also mean that every team really takes the motonet seriously, when in reality it's filled with more bullshit than the bathrooms in the United Center. Everyone who matters knows it, so why the fuck would Tony really blame all of his fam's problems on something like this? Idiot. BRO, the supposed word of the "image assassins" you speak of is worth about as much as the stock in Alessi Racing, LLC. I guess that's why an accomplishment for you guys now is a 9th place. Get your shit together, dude. I love how he throws in the comment about tattoos. What the fuck does that have to do with anything, Tony? Better and significantly more intelligent men than you and Mike have been loaded to the nines with tattoos. Yet again, idiot. If you read the rest of the interview, he is asked about how Inside the Outdoors portrayed him and he says it was good, when I would really have to say that it opened everyone's eyes to how crazy he really is; how he obviously lives vicariously through one son and struggles to acknowledge the existence of the other. Crazy idiot.

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  1. Word.

    I am getting my PhD in neuroscience, and I have tattoos. Not only do I have a brain, I know how it works. Already got the Alessi family beat on two fronts. He is the one dumb enough to ride a 350 outdoors. Indoors, I get it; maybe it works on particular tracks if you can get a start. But outdoors? That's just dumb.