Thursday, April 14, 2011

Canard Is Done-gy. Tough Break, BRO

Ok, so the big news today is that Trey Canard scissored his femur and snapped that motherfucker into Broketown. Actually, it's supposedly not that bad and he'll be back in six weeks. Now Honda's up shit's creek, and it might be time for Fiolek to be brought up to the big leagues (No, that wasn't serious). Definitely a bummer for me. If I could have picked one guy in the top five to win it, it would be Canard. He's a funny ginger, unlike Villopoto who kind of furthers the "Gingers have no soul" theory, and I've been a fan since he doubled the two singles at Loretta's when he was a B rider in '06. It was the two singles after the camel hump jump, and if you know what I'm talking about, then you know that it was fucking insane. One of the gnarliest jumps ever done on that track, hands down.

By the way, David Vuillemin tweeted something this morning that's apparently about Trey: "looks like someone wasn't watching over the desert". Now I have no idea if it was or not, but if it was, I say......Funny. This just falls under the "people can do and say what they want" category. Ballsy move, no doubt, but you've got to respect it. It was all in humor, so I'm down. Eazy approved. He's since deleted it and tweeted "I'm not funny and I'm an idiot", which I would say is the wrong move. Stick to your guns, BRO. Should have tweeted "Yeah I said it, do something about it #badass #ChuckNorrisStyle". If I was running that account, that's what you'd be seeing.

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