Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How To Make A Cheater Bike: Automatic Clutch

Ok, ok. I understand that this thing is the direct result of injecting estrogen or some weird tampax shit into motocross. I do. That being said, I kind of want one of these motherfuckers. I can't tell you how many fucking times I lost a race last year because I stalled the goddamn bike. More play, less play, it didn't matter, and I tried it anyway. And trust me, I was BULLSHIT. Like, screaming like a fucking jerk-off trying to start my piece of shit bike. If I had an electric start, no problem, just hit the button and fucking go. Seriously, that's KTM's biggest selling point, in my eyes. But honestly, I wouldn't hate having this shit on my bike, even if it might turn me into a geriatric fuck on the clutch.

Apparently, Stewart was accused of using one of these this year in Supercross. That's what Reed was talking about when he said "That's what happens when you ride without a clutch" in reference to the BROment of the week in Dallas.


  1. I think reed was referring to Stewart not riding with a finger on the clutch like all the other riders do. Racerx virtual trainer did a good article on it.

  2. This has been out for quads for years now, haha. does that make it gay easy? alot of XC guy use it. i dont really see the need for it on an MX track, if your stalling that much you need to keep a finger on the clutch or run in a lower gear haha, slipper clutch in mx yes, auto clutch, naaaahhh

  3. those are a moto secret that has been in use for a few years, i run one and its a big advantage on the track, i run the Rekluse EXP core (its built for motocross). if you watch this vid here of RD5 @ 0:27 his had isnt on the clutch and the bike is creeping

    i dont hardly use the clutch anymore now that i have the auto clutch here is a write up i did on the EXP

    if you watch here @ the .30 sec mark i dont have my hand on the bar and i just take off , i love doing that because it tripps ppl all the time haha

  4. hinson make a slipper style clutch that takes away the engine breaking called the BTL, you can set those up to not stall the bike but it dont make it a auto

  5. I'm a woods and moto guy, I use the Z-Start Pro in my KX450F and love it. A lot of other moto guys think it's stupid and gay, but they're bad ass. It works great for starts, and everywhere else. You ride just like normal, working the clutch and everything, but the bike works differently. It's similar to having a positive traction system, no wheelspin.

  6. "A lot of other moto guys think it's stupid and gay, but they're bad ass."

    That should be their slogan!

    I've never really had a problem with stalling, My big problem was hitting neutral by accident. I wish I knew more about transmissions to get rid of neutral. When I have stalled my bike when riding I usually kick it back to life in 1st anyway. Quicker to find and faster to take off when it starts. Granted I ride 2-stroke. I haven't drunk the 4-stroke kool-aid and don't plan to.

    Yeah I can hear people now, You ride a 2-stroke? Then your a pussy and don't know what your talking about.

    While that may be true that I don't always know what I'm talking about, I don't have a "Wreck Loose" clutch on my bikes.

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