Monday, June 6, 2011

How Do We Feel About Travis's Proposal?

So as you can see, Pastrana proposed to his woman, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, at Nitro Circus in Las Vegas. This of course puts to bed most of the gay rumors that have been floating around Travis for quite a while. They've pretty much been silenced in the past few years since he hit super stardom, but I remember back in like '02 or '03 hearing people say that or reading about it and wanting to murder someone. That was back when Pastrana was a fucking god to me, and I would literally have followed him into battle, Braveheart-style. But, I had no serious defense in my argument for him. Not that I normally would; I don't usually get to see MX riders fucking their girlfriends. But Travis was so happy-go-lucky that you couldn't help but wonder. Not that it would matter now, I would still think he's the man. But back then I was around 14 or 15, so the gay-stigma was right in line with leprosy; straight untouchable.

As far as the proposal goes, Travis once again using that trademark meticulous thought-process of his. If you have the opportunity, always propose to your woman in front of a huge crowd; the bigger, the better. Because no one wants to see a "no" happen, for the most part, and she knows that. Obviously she isn't going to say no, there's 50,000 people there that will boo the fuck out of her if she did. Good man, TP. He always has been a solid thinker.

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  1. travi's getting married... i smell hangover part 3.